I’m Liesl (pronounced lee-zul.) I’m a twenty-something living in rural Northwestern New Jersey on land that has been in my family for many generations. I love to read and sew and knit, garden and cook, find and listen to new (and old) music and take photos (especially with film) and explore the natural world around me. Recently I’ve been enjoying dyeing yarns with natural materials that I either grew or foraged for locally. My ultimate dream is to live a simple, self-sufficient-ish life.

I've been blogging and selling handmade things on and off since 2006 under the name Liesl Made. Recently, I made the decision to switch the name to Buckaloo View, the name of our family farm. 

My Great Grandfather named this farm Buckaloo View back in the 1920's, when he and his wife bought it after renting for many years. This land and farm has been through a lot of changes over the last century but has always remained in our family. In the last thirty-some years, apart from having a large garden, it hasn't been an active farm. It's my dream and mission to bring it back to life. I started with chickens and am looking into other livestock. I really hope you'll join me on this adventure.

In the future I hope to open a shop under the Buckaloo View name. It's an emotionally heavy decision as my father had started up a woodworking business with the same name just before he passed away. I'm honored to take on the name and will be offering handmade items that include at least one material sourced from this homestead or are inspired by this place.

But for the time being, I'll be blogging here, embracing the the everyday beauty and finding joy in defining home.


I put a lot work into creating original content for my blog. If you’d like to re-post more than one photo or a large amount of my content in one place, please contact me first. Also please understand that this blog is just a window into my life. Although I believe in being open and am very willing to share my home-y adventures, this is the internet and there are certain aspects of my life I don’t share and certain people I do not talk about here.

When I remember, I do the Amazon Associate Program where the links I share to products on give me a small percentage for the referral if you ended up buying something. Occasionally, you may see the phrase “c/o”. This stands for “courtesy of” and means the shop has sent me this item with the agreement that I would blog about it (by incorporating it into an outfit post, mentioning or reviewing it, etc) I would never accept anything I would not buy myself and I would never blog about an item I didn’t think was quality.